Volker Sommerfeld

1. March 2021
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation, or what?

A very popular buzz word nowadays (especially under the pandemic stress) is digital transformation. But what is it exactly? What is required to reach a decent level of forward oriented digital business environment? Is a paperless office the result of digital transformation? Yes, why? Or is it not? It is […]
13. May 2020
Rethinking Business Processes

How to tackle outdated business processes during lockdown

10. March 2020
Hund,welcher in eine Decke gewickelt ist und müde aussieht.

Power Nap Day

“He who sleeps does not quit.” And has some things ahead of the others! The short drifting away at the workplace subsequently supports concentration and leads to more efficiency: We make fewer mistakes. The challenge: We should be back from our dreams after 20 minutes at the latest.
18. October 2019
RMail Transforms: Law Firm

RMail transforms: Proclaim integration with RMail enables law firms to send encrypted, tracked emails

To digitalise paper-based processes in the B2B and B2C environment, portal solutions are frequently used. The review of invoices, communication with operators, and so on, is done via these platforms. With the help of e-mail, many processes in the information exchange with customers could be simplified. E-mail is widely used […]
9. May 2019
TLS 1.2 email encryption according to GDPR

Solving the encryption issue with TLS 1.2

Many, many software service sales professionals throw around security phrases to make cyber security sound simple. Today, as technologies advance and threats get ever more sophisticated, encrypting email for privacy compliance is not getting simpler.
15. June 2018
Die Zukunft der E-Mail in Unternehmen - Future of email in Business

The Future of E-Mail – Some Thoughts and an Outlook

Electronic Mail, invented in the last century, has still its place in today’s business and private world. But one thing is for sure – E-Mail urgently requires an update in terms of functionality, compliance and security.
27. November 2017
Problems sending large files by email

The Large File Dilemma

As many know, email is not naturally well suited for sending large file attachments. Most email providers enforce file size limitations on attachments. One can never be sure if the recipient’s system will accept very large attachment transmissions.
10. October 2017
Eingeschriebener Brief ohne Nachweis über den Inhalt

Done any tricks today? About Email missunderstandings and half-truths (part 3)

Part 3 of our series: “Done any tricks today?“ addresses solutions for ensuring verifiable and secure e-mail correspondence. In addition, we should not forget the EU General Data Protection Regulation. In particular, the reversal of the burden of proof in case of data protection violations (article 5, paragraph 2) should […]
19. July 2017
Keys of a Computer Keyboard in Close-up

Done any tricks today? About Email missunderstandings and half-truths (part 2)

When it comes to the delivery of standard e-mails, employees have little faith in the technology. How often is the phone grabbed simply to ask “has my e-mail arrived?”. And for good reason, because even if no error message is received, the e-mail may still not have been delivered. Some […]
13. June 2017
Young man at his laptop writing an e-mail.

Done any tricks today? About Email missunderstandings and half-truths (part 1)

In this series, which will be published at irregular intervals, we will take a closer look at the subject of “e-mails”, in particular which effects the one or other half-truth might have and, most recently, which facts could put employees and possibly also companies in a difficult position.