Blog: Digital Communication

11. March 2020
Schloss mit einem Kabel

The lessons of the crypto leak from Crypto AG

10. March 2020
Hund,welcher in eine Decke gewickelt ist und müde aussieht.

Power Nap Day

“He who sleeps does not quit.” And has some things ahead of the others! The short drifting away at the workplace subsequently supports concentration and leads to more efficiency: We make fewer mistakes. The challenge: We should be back from our dreams after 20 minutes at the latest.
26. February 2020
Man in a suit pointing his finger at a graphic. In the middle of this graphic there is a lock. This picture symbolises the topic GDPR compliance & encryption.

GDPR compliance & encryption

To ensure your compliance with the GDPR, you should not only have possibilities to encrypt your data, but also be able to prove that you really use these possibilities. Why and how you can find out in this blog.
5. February 2020
Send e-mail via TLS.

Email via TLS are secure! Misconception or truth?

Once upon a time there was a milk technologist, he had just produced a new type of cheese, the Frama-Cheese. He produced it in his dairy and wanted to sell the cheese all over the world. He was aware that his cheese should remain unique so that he could continue […]
12. December 2019
People who discuss documents together. To the left and to the right of them are laptops. This picture symbolizes the application of RMail in the wealth management sector.

London based wealth management firm Carrington Investments are sending secure & registered emails for e-signature with Frama RMail

A simple way of sending secure, registered and encrypted email to clients with no requirements on the recipient’s end? This was exactly what Carrington Investments looked for and found with Frama RMail.
27. November 2019
Multiple gears on a background of network connections. This image symbolizes automated security.

Frama RMail Update: make security simpler with security automation

Over the past year’s technology improved and helped us to make our daily life simpler. On the other hand, more laws have been introduced to protect data privacy. Therefore, data security is key for may companies. But how can you make security simpler? The answer is security automation.
20. November 2019
Fischernetz, in welchem Fische gefangen sind. Dies symbolisiert Phishing-Attacken.

Phishing & Whaling Attacks: How to protect yourself against it

When talking about phishing & whaling, many people think of fishing, sea, wind and adventure. Hardly anyone thinks in the other direction: fishing and catching. In the IT world, phishing & whaling have more to do with the last-named. In this article, we explain the difference between phishing and whaling […]
13. November 2019
Laptop in a dark room with code on the screen.

IT security starts with the employee

A hacker attack shuts down your entire IT infrastructure – a nightmare for every company. But how can you prevent such attacks? We have compiled the most important rules for IT security at the workplace for you.
6. November 2019
Umgekipptes Sparschwein, bei dem die Münzen aus dem Bauch rausfallen. Dieses Bild symbolisiert den finanziellen Verlust bei CEO Fraud.

Human Error, CEO Fraud & What You Can Do Against It

You receive an e-mail from your alleged boss asking you to transfer a large sum of money to a specific account. The transaction should be carried out quickly and remain secret. You transfer the money and it is in the hands of criminals. That’s CEO fraud, triggered by human failure […]
23. October 2019
Bild zeig mehrere Blätter mit medizinischen Daten. Dieses Bild steht symbolisch für die verschiedenen medizinischen Daten, welche das SMI dank RMail sicher übermittelt.

RMail Transforms: Medical Institute transmits sensitive documents securely and traceable

The Social Medical Institute SMI Berlin shows how it works. RMail with “Secure Reply” replaces USB stick and courier and can therefore also offer a considerable added value in the healthcare sector.