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11. January 2018
Digitalise your business processes intelligent and efficient with RMail

Digitising business processes

The rapid development and increasing interconnectedness of internal and external business processes and the challenges this poses places new demands on companies. In addition to the opportunities it provides to establish new digital business segments, the digitisation of formerly paper-based internal business processes is becoming increasingly vital.
27. November 2017
Problems sending large files by email

The Large File Dilemma

As many know, email is not naturally well suited for sending large file attachments. Most email providers enforce file size limitations on attachments. One can never be sure if the recipient’s system will accept very large attachment transmissions.
17. October 2017
Judge's Hammer with US Dollar Mark as a fine for data breaches

Avoiding fines for data breaches

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the most important change in data privacy in 20 years, will take effect on May 25, 2018. The impact for companies is serious: Unlike previous privacy legislation in Europe or elsewhere, the GDPR authorizes the government to impose severe fines up to 20 million […]
10. October 2017
Eingeschriebener Brief ohne Nachweis über den Inhalt

Done any tricks today? About Email missunderstandings and half-truths (part 3)

Part 3 of our series: “Done any tricks today?“ addresses solutions for ensuring verifiable and secure e-mail correspondence. In addition, we should not forget the EU General Data Protection Regulation. In particular, the reversal of the burden of proof in case of data protection violations (article 5, paragraph 2) should […]
22. August 2017
Balanced scale of costs and benefits for Frama RMail

Striking a balance between cost and benefit for e-mail encryption (Part 3)

The aim of this third and final article is to explain why the activation of TLS (Transport Layer Security) on in-house e-mail systems does not definitively resolve the issue of e-mail encryption. In addition, we describe a possible solution for the majority of companies.
8. August 2017
Laptop with illuminated screen and open email program in the dark

Striking a balance between cost and benefit for e-mail encryption (Part 2)

In the first part of this series of articles, we dealt with the issues surrounding the procurement and targeted use of encryption solutions, particularly in the field of e-mail correspondence. The majority of companies would probably answer the questions raised here similarly.
27. July 2017
A businessman with his smartphone in his hand

Striking a balance between cost and benefit for e-mail encryption (Part 1)

As is generally the case when it comes to the topic of IT security, the perception of e-mail encryption is usually the same; the higher the security level, the worse the user experience becomes. The acquired products are either too restrictive or broad in scope and often approach the problem […]
19. July 2017
Keys of a Computer Keyboard in Close-up

Done any tricks today? About Email missunderstandings and half-truths (part 2)

When it comes to the delivery of standard e-mails, employees have little faith in the technology. How often is the phone grabbed simply to ask “has my e-mail arrived?”. And for good reason, because even if no error message is received, the e-mail may still not have been delivered. Some […]
13. June 2017
Young man at his laptop writing an e-mail.

Done any tricks today? About Email missunderstandings and half-truths (part 1)

In this series, which will be published at irregular intervals, we will take a closer look at the subject of “e-mails”, in particular which effects the one or other half-truth might have and, most recently, which facts could put employees and possibly also companies in a difficult position.
24. May 2017
Sichere digitale Kommunikation

Prevent identity theft and data misuse

Cyber criminality and identity theft have now become one of the strongest growing forms of crime on the Internet. The hackers attack on the recently elected French President Emmanuel Macron demonstrates that attempts are being made to steal confidential, intimate and strategic information in order to compromise individuals, parties or […]