20. January 2021
Smartphone, welches für eine digitale Unterschrift genutzt werden kann

The conversions at work – how to deal with changes

Due to the current situation, there have been many changes, some of which are ongoing. You should stay at home, keep distance, wash your hands properly (quite normally) and much more. But not only our private life changed, the working world did too…
23. November 2020
Electronic signature in the home office

Use of electronic signature in the home office

Managing routing slips, agreements and contracts from the home office doesn’t sound easy – but it is. Frama RSign offers the right solution for electronic signature and can also be easily adapted to your existing processes.
17. November 2020
Teaser HR working from home

Manage personnel administration in the home office without worries and send confidential data securely by email

Solving human resources tasks from home can be quite difficult. Due to the sensitive nature of the data involved, job applications should be forwarded securely to the responsible department. It should also be possible to distribute the payroll slips easily and securely to the employees. In this article you will […]
2. November 2020
Frama Home Office Initiative - 2nd round

Frama Home Office Initiative – 2nd Round

Employers will have to send employees to the home office, as working from home will become mandatory again. Once again, questions arise about how to work most securely and efficiently from home. This article presents the tools RMail and RSign for secure communication in the home office. Thanks to the […]
23. September 2020

How I was able to send an important letter without stamps

When it really matters, many people send their letters by registered mail. Logically, because this has the advantage that you receive a confirmation when the document has arrived at the recipient. But does this also work for emails? And if so, how? Read on to find answers to these questions!
9. April 2020
Teaser-image RMail installation

Install RMail – with just a few clicks installed in your home office

In the last few weeks we have informed you in detail about various application areas of Frama RMail in the home office. However, before RMail is used in a company, the IT department is often involved. In this article we will explain how easy it is to install Frama RMail […]
27. March 2020
Teaser Large File transfer

Best way to send Large Files when in home office

Sending Large Files is pretty easy these days. There are plenty of free and premium services available; just a few clicks away. Especially when implementing home office in a corporate structure it is important to have a clear channel for communication and file sharing. We will show you a comparison […]
19. March 2020
Teaser Frama Home Office Initiative

Frama Home Office Initiative

Communication tools are important tools when employees work from home. Moreover, it is essential that these tools can make teamwork more efficient and ensure secure communication from anywhere. However, which tools offer all these functions?
10. March 2020
Hund,welcher in eine Decke gewickelt ist und müde aussieht.

Power Nap Day

“He who sleeps does not quit.” And has some things ahead of the others! The short drifting away at the workplace subsequently supports concentration and leads to more efficiency: We make fewer mistakes. The challenge: We should be back from our dreams after 20 minutes at the latest.
21. August 2019
Bild zeigt die Logos zu den Produkten RSing, RForms und eSign

Product portfolio: e-Sign, RSign and RForms

Why print, send and follow up contracts when you can do it faster and easier? We present three solutions from our product portfolio that support you in the areas of electronic signatures and digital transformation.