RMail Transforms

23. October 2019
Bild zeig mehrere Blätter mit medizinischen Daten. Dieses Bild steht symbolisch für die verschiedenen medizinischen Daten, welche das SMI dank RMail sicher übermittelt.

RMail Transforms: Medical Institute transmits sensitive documents securely and traceable

The Social Medical Institute SMI Berlin shows how it works. RMail with “Secure Reply” replaces USB stick and courier and can therefore also offer a considerable added value in the healthcare sector.
18. October 2019
RMail Transforms: Law Firm

RMail transforms: Proclaim integration with RMail enables law firms to send encrypted, tracked emails

To digitalise paper-based processes in the B2B and B2C environment, portal solutions are frequently used. The review of invoices, communication with operators, and so on, is done via these platforms. With the help of e-mail, many processes in the information exchange with customers could be simplified. E-mail is widely used […]