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The conversions at work – how to deal with changes

Electronic signature in the home office
Use of electronic signature in the home office
23. November 2020
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1. February 2021
Due to the current situation, there have been many changes, some of which are ongoing. You should stay at home, keep distance, wash your hands properly (quite normally) and much more. But not only our private life changed, the working world did too…

For almost a year now, rules for our safety and that of our fellow human beings have been in force almost worldwide. They limit us in our private life. But the working world is also changing. Wherever possible, work is done from home. This may have some advantages like sleeping longer (no commute) but there are also some challenges. Routing slips, certificates, contracts? There was something else...

Challenge No. 1: Access to resources

If you want to print a contract, you are well equipped with this in the office: there is enough paper, if the ink is empty, it is quickly refilled and then the printer prints your job.
At home the complete opposite can be the case: You have not enough or the wrong paper, not to mention consumables, a scanner and secure, traceable processing. Standstill is imminent!

Challenge No. 2: Social contact

How easy it was at the office. Once the contract was printed, you could go to the people who needed to sign it.
In the home office this "I'll stop by for a minute" no longer works. Digital solutions are needed to be able to continue communicating. And sending the contract by mail takes a lot of time.

Challenge No. 3: Validation

Paper contracts are signed, stamped and archived.
And from home? How can it be ensured that the contract has not been modified? Is the signature still legally valid?
Also: Signed and then scanned paper contracts correspond to the simplest level of electronic signature and are easier to challenge in case of doubt, especially if the original is not available.

The solution: Use of systems for electronic signature

With i.e. Frama RSign you can easily master all these challenges, whether you work in the office or at home. With RSign you can easily process contracts digitally. You save time because there is no need to go to the post office, tracking shows you where the contract is at any given time, the signatures are legally valid and you receive auditable proof including a signature protocol. No media abort, no printing, no scanning, no postage. Sounds great, doesn't it? Find out more in a blog article about RSign in your home office or here.


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