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How to tackle outdated business processes during lockdown

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9. April 2020
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23. September 2020
Nothing is the same anymore. A virus has turned our lives upside down. Business processes and systems that have been lovingly maintained over the years are no longer fit for purpose. Comments such as the "We've always done it this way" have recently caused tantrums and gnashing of teeth. This is understandable in a time when employees commute between office and work from home. Also nobody knows if they or one of their team members is put under quarantine the following day.

So do we just drop everything? Or tackle the upcoming challenges, i.e. redefine and digitalize business processes and how we communicate?

A vast number of companies have already decided to do so. The TrustRadius chart shows growth rates of over 500% for telemedicine, electronic signatures and video conferencing software.

The digitalization of the working world has accelerated. The increased need of the home office and the thus distributed human resources are the driver.

Time is against us. Pressure is leading to major simplifications or even process adjustments that are not in the inventor's interest.

Want an example?

Is a scanned contract with signature still valid in the legal framework? Who guarantees that the contract (as a scan) has not been manipulated? If so, how can this be proven? And furthermore: sending, printing, signing, scanning, emailing and printing again is, to say the least, a disaster from an environmental point of view and from the point of view of any auditor. Besides: A scanned contract legally falls into a different category than that of the original! Have you also thought of how this complies withGDPR? Is it compliant to just mail thes edocuments around without any protection?

By using specialized platforms or systems such as Frama RSign, the above "digital" workflow can be greatly simplified and made more secure:

The entire workflow happens digitally. The contract is presented to the signer via a browser and signed within the browser. After signing the content is sealed(!) to make subsequent changes to the document impossible.

Innovative systems like Frama RSign offer a traceable signature protocol. The combination of sealing the document,data protection (secure transmission), simple handling via the browser or mobile app as well as the traceable signature protocol makes document processes such as contracts, routing slips, release notes, confirmations, rental agreements and much more easier than reading this long sentence!

Try out how easy RSign works! Visit or enjoy "Frama RSign" as video.

Volker Sommerfeld
Volker Sommerfeld
Product Manager eServices and Head of Marketing Services, creator of unique links and flows between physical and digital worlds. Passionate about nature, photography, music and mountain bikes.

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