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Use of electronic signature in the home office

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17. November 2020
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Managing routing slips, agreements and contracts from the home office doesn't sound easy - but it is. Frama RSign offers the right solution for electronic signature and can also be easily adapted to your existing processes.

Despite the home office, purchase contracts, agreements or expense receipts must be signed. At the same time, many companies require physical presence when signing, as everything is still signed by hand. This conflict leads to many jobs being delayed or coming to a complete standstill.

At the same time, home office raises the question of data security and the secure storage of documents. Sending the contracts by e-mail, printing, signing and scanning them back in is not only a great effort, it is also not a legally secure proof. This is because print screens and e-mail printouts can be manipulated.

Frama RSign meets the demanding requirements of the home office and offers an easy and practical handling of electronic signatures that is accepted by every employee.

Frama RSign helps companies to automate workflows by allowing easy configuration and customization of templates and rules, multiparty signatures, sequential signatures, real-time reporting and tracking.

This all-in-one service for electronic signatures also includes proof of the entire e-signing process and meets the requirements of the EU DSGVO, eIDAS for advanced electronic signatures and further legal requirements.

So why not take advantage of the current home office run to enhance your digital workflow?

Frama Home Office Initiative

We support our customer base and all interested people with tool for digitization and remote work by providing 200 RSign Envelopes per user per month, without concern for price, everywhere from now until December 31st.

More information here.

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