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Frama Home Office Initiative – 2nd Round

How I was able to easily encrypt a confidential message
30. September 2020
A man in a mask in front of a screen, symbolizing a cyber criminal
Protection against cyber-crime in the home office
10. November 2020
Employers will have to send employees to the home office, as working from home will become mandatory again. Once again, questions arise about how to work most securely and efficiently from home.
This article presents the tools RMail and RSign for secure communication in the home office. Thanks to the Home Office initiative, you can benefit from these tools free of charge until 31 December.

Off to the home office: Many companies are currently taking this precaution in view of the corona virus, some for individual departments, others for the entire workforce.

To ensure that collaboration across multiple locations and with customers works smoothly, companies need secure communication tools. And therefore, RMail and RSign are the perfect solutions. These tools provide secure communication and electronic contract signing - making information exchange more efficient even from home.

In addition, RMail and RSign give your team the ability to share large files, fill out and sign forms, track who gets what, when, provide proof of delivery and much more...

So why not take advantage of the current home office run to enhance your digital workflow?

Frama Home Office Initiative

We support our customer base and all interested people with tool for digitization and remote work by providing 500 RMail Messages and 200 RSign Envelopes per user per month, without concern for price, everywhere from now until 31 December.

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