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Human resources department in the home office: How to send confidential data securely by e-mail.

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Frama Home Office Initiative
19. March 2020
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Best way to send Large Files when in home office
27. March 2020
Do you work in HR and are you currently working from your home office? Still you have to take care of current applications and forward those sensitive data to the responsible department. In addition, you also must send the time tickets to the employees. How can the time tickets be distributed to the employees without much effort and securely? Find out here how Frama RMail enables you to handle confidential human resources activities smoothly via e-mail from your home office.

If you send an unencrypted e-mail, the content can easily be read and manipulated by third parties. Especially the protection of personal data is subject to legal regulations. With Frama RMail you can send encrypted e-mails with just one click - ideal for the home office. However, there are more features to discover.

Track and prove emails

For each e-mail you send with Frama RMail, you will receive a delivery proof. This allows you to prove the effective content as well as the delivery status, proof of protected transmission and delivery time.

In the time ticket dispatch example, you can therefore prove at any time which content was sent and that the recipient received it. This also allows you to forward sensitive data securely to your colleagues in application processes. When communicating with applicants, there is also no uncertainty as to whether they have received your e-mail or not. And best of all: Thanks to Secure Reply, the applicant can reply to your e-mail, encrypted as well, without being in possession of Frama RMail.

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