Frama RMail® at Home Office

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Home Office has established itself worldwide since this year. With all its advantages, but also with many new challenges. The use of cloud-based tools, private WLAN connections and unsecured workspaces pose new challenges for IT security. Furthermore, human error caused 90% of cyber data breaches in 2019*.

Therefore, it is important to be able to work from home in a structured way and without restrictions and security problems.

Thanks to RMail® Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof, email encryption, and secure large file sharing e-security services, the remote work efficiency and security can be increased.

We support companies and their departments during the time of the Home Office by providing the use of RMail®, free, without concern for price or plan type, everywhere. Be a part of the initative. Join the Home Office Initiative now.


Frama Home Office Initiative - join in now!

Frama offers RMail and RSign for free with the Home Office initiative as a fair use policy for all those who need to work efficiently and securely at remote locations. To receive an individual offer please contact your local account manager or sales team. Valid until December 31st. The account will then be set back to the standard limit for free use (5 units per user).

Sending e-mails with proof of delivery (like certified mail)

Typical scenario in the home office: The boss calls and asks whether you have sent the important document by e-mail. The boss has not yet received a reply from the recipient. How can you prove that the e-mail has really left your inbox?
Quite simple: With Frama RMail. You receive proof of delivery, which shows when the e-mail was sent to whom and what it contained. It also indicates when the e-mail was opened by the recipient. So you can easily prove the status of your e-mail.

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Encrypt sensitive data

This is also possible in times of home office with Frama RMail. E-mails can be sent encrypted. A further advantage is that you can even reply encrypted (Secure Reply). All without registration and in compliance with GDPR.
Imagine you work in human resources and answer applications from home. Or an employee sends you a medical certificate due to a bad headache. How can you ensure that this personal data does not slip into the wrong hands via e-mail?

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Sign documents easy & fast

With the E-Sign function of Frama RMail you can send your documents by e-mail and get them electronically signed: routing slips, vacation lists, releases or contracts. It works even better with Frama RSign. With this service, you can digitalise any paper-based process. This saves time and works great from home.

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Sending large files

It often happens that large files have to be exchanged between departments or customers. However, this is difficult to do from home. With the Large-Mail function of Frama RMail you can send large files of up to 100 MB from Outlook (1 GB for a small additional charge). The recipient can download the files, after e.g. 14 days (configurable) the files are completely deleted. This way you do not expose yourself to the risk of your data being stored forever on foreign servers.

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