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Automatic email encryption for more
convenience and security

ab 05.02.2021

Did you know that you can test Frama RMail for free?

Powerful extensions for standard email

Email Encryption, tracking, Large Document Delivery (File Sharing), E-Signatures, and more.

Frama RMail adds valuable features to the standard email. The usual work environment can be used adding an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome (Gmail) or webmail applications. For integration into automated workflows, there are other possibilities besides an API.

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Data protection conform encryption in compliance with GDPR 2018

The Frama RMail services are compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, Art 5 para. 1f and Art 32 para. 1a), which must be bindingly applied throughout the EU since 25 May 2018.

Frama RMail is designed to provide security and confidentiality for digital mailing. Without registration or setup by the receiver and with encrypted reply (Secure Reply) option.

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Solutions for companies

Our specialised team helps to configure and customise Frama RMail for integration into existing systems and specific applications.

Frama RMail can be easily integrated into existing systems and processes by default. In addition, we offer customised solutions for special requirements and specific support for system integration.

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Private users

Carefree email communication thanks verifiable data protection, Email Encryption and practical additional functions.

Get prepared: Frama RMail makes your important email correspondence secure and privacy-compliant - thanks to encryption with a mouse click, proof of dispatch and delivery, as well as additional functions such as sending large files via email. After expiry of the non-committal test phase with 25 messages, you can continue to send 5 Frama RMail messages per month free of charge.

The solution

Frama RMail is the solution for exchanging personal data via email in a verifiable, transparent and efficient manner according to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Best of all: Frama RMail offers highest recipient acceptance! It is not necessary to install additional software, register, or even click on links. Frama RMail works on the recipient side with every email client.