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Prevent identity theft and data misuse

Two words which may cost you a fortune: Data Breach
5. May 2017
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Done any tricks today? About Email missunderstandings and half-truths (part 1)
13. June 2017

How do you protect yourself from the fact that your own name and the names of customers and business partners can be misused on the Internet? Cyber criminality and identity theft have now become one of the strongest growing forms of crime on the Internet. The hackers attack on the recently elected French President Emmanuel Macron demonstrates that attempts are being made to steal confidential, intimate and strategic information in order to compromise individuals, parties or governments. The spread-out of the stolen information is done by social bots and users on social networks, as well as on typical platforms.1

This is by no means an isolated case! It can happen to everyone! Not only public figures or large corporations, but also medium sized and small enterprises and private individuals belong to the victims. Besides: More than 100 billion business emails are sent daily (many of which are unencrypted), private data is stored and forgotten in cloud or file sharing systems or just taken for a walk on USB sticks in your pocket. Are we simply not worried anymore or did we start to live with the risks of data misuse?

But how can you protect yourself?

The test and economic magazine FACTS has taken up the topic "Identity Misuse and Secure Email" in the current May issue. The report describes, among other things, the typical procedures used by the perpetrators.

In addition to sensitizing the employees of a company, setting up appropriate measures, such as a DMZ, the protection of electronic data traffic via email is of great importance. The RMail solution, which was thoroughly tested by FACTS staff in February this year, was rated "very good" due to its functionality and excellent security features. Thanks to the ease of use of various encryption methods and warnings against questionable senders (Phishing, Whaling, CEO Fraud), it proved to be superior to other email services.2

Open the FACTS report



2. FACTS report, issue 5/2017

Claudia Krüll
Claudia Krüll
Marketing Assistentin Frama Deutschland GmbH

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