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Install RMail – with just a few clicks installed in your home office

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In the last few weeks we have informed you in detail about various application areas of Frama RMail in the home office. However, before RMail is used in a company, the IT department is often involved. In this article we will explain how easy it is to install Frama RMail and make it available to employees.

As an IT department there has been a lot to do lately. Many have equipped their colleagues for the home office and provided them with software for virtual collaboration. And now with Frama RMail you must painfully install yet another program? Not at all! Frama RMail is installed in just a few steps.

First, the Frama Home Office Initiative

Frama offers 200 signature processes with RSign and 500 encrypted messages with RMail free of charge and without obligation until 15.05.2020. After that the account will be reset to the usual limit for free use.

Part 1 - Installation

First, go to our download page. Here you will find an overview for which applications (Outlook, Gmail or Web) Frama RMail is available. Simply select the desired application (if you are installing Frama RMail for the web, please read on directly in part 2).

If you download Frama RMail for Outlook, please make sure you use the correct bit version of your Microsoft Office application. Select the appropriate version. Afterwards, the installation file can be saved and executed. For Gmail, install the appropriate Chrome extension.

As soon as the installation of the plugin is finished, you have already completed the first part and successfully installed RMail on your PC.

Part 2 - Set up a user account

Office: Start the application for which you have installed Frama RMail. Click on "new message". The RMail activation window opens. There you can set name and password. The user will then receive an e-mail with an activation link. To complete the registration process, simply open the activation link.

Gmail: After successful installation of the extension, open the Gmail account. A window will open automatically, where you can activate RMail. There you can start directly with writing e-mails with Frama RMail.

Web: To set up Frama RMail on the Web, visit the Web portal. There click on "Create an account" and register as a new user. The activation link will then be sent to the specified e-mail.

Benefits for the IT department

  • Quick installation and configuration in only 2 parts: Installation of the software and creation of the user account. No long installation process with re-booting.
  • Definition of security settings, rights and functions in RPortal, a central management console.
  • User account can be created directly by the end user (process starts automatically when first opened). Pre-configuration by IT not mandatory.
  • Security settings, rights and available functions are taken over by RPortal.
  • Central deployment and individual configuration through xml.
  • Works on any operating system.
  • Low training effort thanks to broad acceptance by the end user through intuitive operation and detailed video instructions.

If you still have questions, please contact us here: There is also a video guide for the installation. With this the employees can easily understand and carry out the installation themselves.

Integration in internal tools

Frama RMail can also be easily integrated into your CRM or ERP system via API or domain extension. We will provide detailed information on this in our blog next week.


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