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How I was able to send an important letter without stamps

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13. May 2020
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When it really matters, many people send their letters by registered mail. Logically, because this has the advantage that you receive a confirmation when the document has arrived at the recipient. But does this also work for emails? And if so, how? Read on to find answers to these questions!

The other day, I was very excited to order a TV online and I paid it immediately. I was already informed on the website that there might be a delay in delivery. I waited. Two whole weeks. Then I received an email that the delivery date would be postponed by another week. In the meantime, almost two more weeks have passed. To complain, I could send a registered letter. That way I can make sure that the retailer receives my reclamation in a traceable way. But couldn't it be easier? I have neither envelopes nor stamps at home.

Registered email: What is this?

A registered email works in exactly the same way as a registered letter - but electronically. An email is written as usual and optional attachments are added. With a few clicks, the email can then be sent with Track and Trace (just like a parcel!). When the recipient has received the message, the sender receives a registered receipt. In this registered receipt, the following information is digitally signed and tamper-proof:

  • Encrypted, original e-mail with all attachments
  • Facts about the delivery (server dialogues and other transmission data for proof of the delivery process)
  • Proof of delivery
  • digital fingerprints
  • respective time information

All these details can even be used in the event of a legal dispute, as the originality of the e-mail and compliance can be proven.

And how can I send such an email?

With Frama RMail. Whether directly integrated in Outlook, as an add-in for Gmail or via the webapp, you can send your emails registered at any time. But that's not everything. You can encrypt your e-mails even without IT knowledge, send large files up to 1GB by email, sign contracts electronically and much more!

You can learn more about RMail here. If you too are expecting a parcel but have not received one, have something else to complain about or generally have an important email to send: RMail offers you the ideal solution!


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