Outlook: Automatically convert documents to PDF files

Automatically convert documents into PDF files when sending them

RMail for Outlook makes it easy to automatically convert Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents into a PDF when you send them. To automatically convert a document into a PDF when it is sent, proceed as follows:

Step 1

In Outlook, compose a normal email message and attach the document you want to convert to a PDF.

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Step 2

Click on"Send Registered".

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Step 3

In the RMail Options window, select the flie type you want to convert to a PDF. In our example this is a Word file.
If you also want to encrypt the generated PDF with a password, click on the box "Encrypt PDF". If necessary, enter a password of your own choice or leave the field blank.

Note: If you enter a password of your own choice, you must inform the recipient. If you leave the field blank, RMail automatically generates a password and sends it to the recipient in a separate email.

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Step 4

Click Send to send your e-mail.

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Converted PDF from the recipient's point of view

The recipient receives your converted document as an ordinary PDF file attachment in his or her inbox.

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