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Power Nap Day

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GDPR compliance & encryption
26. February 2020
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11. March 2020
"He who sleeps does not quit." And has some things ahead of the others! The short drifting away at the workplace subsequently supports concentration and leads to more efficiency: We make fewer mistakes. The challenge: We should be back from our dreams after 20 minutes at the latest.

But somehow the short nodding off does not have the best reputation. Why is that? Why does nobody dare to take the "20-minute siesta"? Do millions of employees have to fight unsuccessfully against energy inefficiency in the brain (the energy is just used by the digestive tract) every day after the lunch break? But this is hopeless. One is powerless against the colloquially so lovingly titled soup coma. You could also try to push a rope in front of you...

Experienced trainers know: You could also skip the lesson after lunch, similar to the lessons in the 9th grade, because the students have other priorities... Why don't we finally have a "20-minute siesta"?

The healthy aspect of a nap after lunch

Let's take the 09.03.2020 (Power Nap Day 2020) as an opportunity to discuss more about the advantages of the Power Nap. Besides the economic advantages there is also the health aspect:

A few minutes of sleep at lunchtime not only increase performance, but also reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack. According to a Greek study with 23,500 test persons, the midday nap reduces the risk of heart attack by 37 percent (source: Wikipedia).

In this sense: Pleasant rest! Please do not wake me up for another 17 minutes (the first three minutes you needed to read the text...)!

Volker Sommerfeld
Volker Sommerfeld
Product Manager eServices and Head of Marketing Services, creator of unique links and flows between physical and digital worlds. Passionate about nature, photography, music and mountain bikes.

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