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Product portfolio: e-Sign, RSign and RForms

The graphic shows a man operating a tablet. To the right of him you can see a big lock. This graphic represents the use of an electronic signature.
5 Questions about the electronic signature
12. July 2019
A man holding a piggy bank in his hands. This picture stands for saving money thanks to digital business processes.
RMail Use Case: Law firm John W Davies save £10,000 per annum by using RMail e-signature
18. September 2019
Why print, send and follow up contracts when you can do it faster and easier? We present three solutions from our product portfolio that support you in the areas of electronic signatures and digital transformation.

Our products in a nutshell:

  • e-Sign: Perfect for signing e-mails and mail attachments.
  • RSign: Web and API based solution with countless form options (dropdown, name field, signature field) for complex forms, orders or checklists.
  • RForms: Suitable for dynamic documents (product rental contracts, cost estimates, repair orders, etc.) that are produced and sent from a system (CRM).

e-Sign - easy way to sign e-mails

e-Sign is a feature of RMail. In summary, you can use RMail to encrypt your email, track it, and create a legal proof of delivery. In addition, a simple and straight forward e-Sign function is integrated in RMail, so you can easily request sign-offs for your e-mails including attachments. The individual steps in the signing process can be traced at any time. Thanks to the patented proof of delivery, it is possible to prove who signed what and when.

This is how it works: The sender sends his mail using the e-Sign function. The mail including attachments is automatically converted into a PDF file and sent for signature. The recipient clicks on a link to sign, the document will be sealed using an advanced certificate and will be sent to the signing parties. This process allows the parties to verify the integrity and the sender at any time. Ideal if you want to sign offers and send them by e-mail.

Further information on e-Sign and RMail can be found here.

RSign - simple workflow for signing documents

RSign is a web-based solution for electronic signatures. With RSign you can prepare and send your documents (Word, PDF, Excel or PowerPoint) for digital signature with just a few clicks. Using drag-and-drop, you can prepare your documents for signature and determine where and which fields are to be signed. Then you send the document to the signer. With real-time access, you can view all statistics at any time and see the status of the document during the signature process.

The signer is automatically guided step-by-step through the document via a checklist. Thus, it is impossible to fill out a document incompletely. Important for the recipient: RSign can be accessed using a web browser. It is not necessary to open an account or install any software. Good to know: RSign meets the requirements of the EU GDPR, eIDAS for advanced electronic signatures.

Also templates can be created. These allow you to prepare documents or a workflow once and reuse them for similar actions in the future. You can also assign rules to your documents and optimally adapt them to your CRM system.

Further information on RSign can be found here.

RForms - faster thanks to automated placeholders

With RForms you set tags as placeholders in a document. The placeholders are not defined by drag-and-drop, but by so-called form field tags. RForms automatically recognizes the tags as placeholders and converts the Word document into a PDF. The signer then goes through the same guided signing process as described above. This feature is especially useful if you want to automatically fill out forms via your ERP system to make your digital workflow even more efficient.


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