New Feature - Redacted Reply™

Email encryption of your sensitive data

For more security of your sensitive data

High security of your private messages

Whether you are sharing your credit card information or other personal data via email, the new Disappearing Ink feature gives you 100% protection when replying or forwarding sensitive data. In Outlook, you can use settings to configure access to your message so that the text can only be viewed once, cannot be copied, and can only be seen for a specified period of time.

Thanks to RMail «Redacted Reply» Feature, compliance is automatically enforced and integrated user training is enabled.

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Be sure your emails find the right recipient

Check and verify recipient addresses while capturing

When an email is sent encrypted, the message is considered sensitive and recipient addresses should be «verified». With a single click, you can verify recipient addresses easily and quickly.

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Stem the email flood with RMail

Send private notes - completely anonymous and encrypted - to your recipients.

If a SideNote is sent with an email, it will be displayed like a Post-it note. It does not matter whether you select Cc, Bcc or To for the private note. Only the selected recipient can see the private note and it is also marked in color (yellow).