Customer Satisfaction

Many companies send important, often sensitive, information by email these days. Whether public authorities, public institutions or companies such as business consultants, tax advisors, health care institutions, insurance companies or service providers, more and more companies around the world use RMail for their digital communication.

Please find an excerpt of companies using RMail services for their digital communication, encryption and e-Signatures.

Success stories

Experience reports

  • “Excellent product! We’ve been using Frama RMail for over 2 months now, and our business processes are much more streamlined! We receive documents back with a digital signature quickly, we can send encrypted emails directly to our recipients with no portals or awkward passwords. Fantastic!”

  • “We have recently started using RMail and are very pleased with it. Some of the attractions for us were the ability to send encrypted emails (which we use for sending bank details to other Firms of Solicitors), the receipt timings (which we use in litigation, to avoid having to send hard copies through the post) and the ability to send large items (which we are using to avoid sending lever arch files of Instructions to Counsel, thus reducing copying time and charges). In addition, we are getting to grips with the e-signature aspect, which has significant potential for our commercial and property departments.”
    Alex Ross - Partner
    Bell & Buxton Solicitors
  • “Love RMail! Not only does it ensure a much safer platform to send information via email the delivery and read receipts are an invaluable tool. No more “sorry your email must have gone into spam”! Mike is also great to work with and makes installation easy ... if I can use it anyone can!”
    Emma Digby - Partner
    Bell & Buxton Solicitors
  • “VoicePower procured the services of Frama UK to help securely and efficiently send confidential and content sensitive information to clients for the purposes of meeting GDPR guidelines. Since using the RMail system it has yielded other advantages that allow VoicePower to provide a professional & reliable service that offers clients peace of mind in how their data is being used and protected.”  
  • “We use RMail to ensure we deliver our emails securely and safely to our clients. It is has helped us massively from a compliance point of view and ensures we have a full audit trial of all emails we send by RMail.”    
    Adam Cheal - Owner
    Fletcher Longstaff
  • “It is a pleasure to do business with Mike and the team at Frama RMail. We are really pleased with the Frama RMail registered email / encryption system and thoroughly recommend it”    
  • “RMail enables to encrypt our emails and our customers can reply encrypted as well – it is easy and it is safe. Regardless of the GDPR and other legislation, it is important to us to know that our- and especially our customers’ sensitive data is protected and not falls into the hands of unintended recipients.”    
  • “The simple and seamless integration of RMail into our system landscape was very impressive and allows our customers to use RMail directly in their usual core processes.”    
  • “The introduction of RMail has brought a new level to our communication with travelers around the world.”  
    Kurt Madsen - IT network and system administrator
    Europæiske ERV - Travel Insurance Denmark