Understanding Registered Receipt™

General information

Whenever you send any email message with RMail, you will automatically receive proof of delivery within a maximum of 2 hours. This proof of delivery (compliance record) represents a complete receipt and is sent by email to the sender or archived centrally with the sender. The proof of delivery contains all the information required to prove delivery, content, time and compliance. Only the sender receives and manages his proof of delivery. The information collected is not stored permanently on any server.

Explanation of proof of delivery (Registered Receipt)

1. HTML Receipt

The attachment "HTMLReceipt" of the Registered Receipt contains the actual receipt. This file consists of the original email including all attachments, the facts of delivery (Audit Trail), proof of delivery, digital fingerprints and the respective time data in encrypted and digitally signed form. All information is thus tamper-proof.

2. Verification

In the event of a dispute involving information sent by email, or if compliance with the data protection laws is challenged, the facts of sending can be restored with the Registered Receipt. The sender can send the receipt to the opposite party at any time so that they can verify the integrity of the email and compliance themselves.

3. Delivery Status

The Registered Receipt contains the proof of delivery and the delivery status. If the message has not been received and opened by the recipient before the receipt has been sent, the sender will be informed about the opening of the message by a read confirmation.

4. Audit Trail

e-communications: RMail records the track & trace information of the email. This includes the server logs as well as further transmission data and thus the verifiable course of delivery.