Outlook: Send encrypted emails with RMail

With RMail for Outlook it is easy to send verifiably encrypted emails.

Whether for the protection of privacy or compliance with legal regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - the email encryption of RMail for Outlook is easy to use for both senders and recipients. To send encrypted emails, proceed as follows:

Step 1

Create a normal email message in Outlook and attach your attachments.

RMail for Outlook send encrypted emails - Step 1

Step 2

Then click on the button "Send Registered".

RMail for Outlook send encrypted emails - Step 2

Step 3

Check the "Encrypt"option.

Depending on your service settings, the specific password selection might be ignored (Automatic-TLS vs. E2E encryption). The illustration below however demonstrates End-to-End Encryption using a password. Choose whether you want to set your own password. Alternatively, RMail automatically generates a password and sends it to the recipient in a separate email.

RMail for Outlook send encrypted emails - Step 3

Step 4

Click Send to send your email encrypted.

RMail for Outlook send encrypted emails - Step 4

Video: Sending encrypted emails with RMail

The following video shows you how easy it is to send an encrypted email with RMail. Without registration or setup for the recipient and with encrypted reply possibility.

Receiving an encrypted RMail message if TLS encryption is supported and used

Step 1

If RMail detects that TLS is supported, the message is securely sent to the recipient's mail server and delivered to the recipient's mailbox. The message and any attachments can be viewed without entering a password. The banner "Encrypted transmission" informs the recipient that the message was transmitted in encrypted form to protect data privacy.

Receiving an encrypted RMail

Receiving an password encrypted RMail message

Step 1

When using the default password option, the recipient will receive an email with an encrypted PDF attachment.

Receiving an password encrypted RMail - Step 1

Step 2

The recipient also receives an email with the decryption password. To access the message and attachments, the recipient must enter the password when prompted by the PDF reader application.

Receiving an password encrypted RMail - Step 2

Step 3

After the recipient has entered the password, the document opens. The message text is displayed in the main window and all attachments can be retrieved in the left column.

Receiving an password encrypted RMail - Step 3