RMail Gateway

Automate secure outbound communication.

Send emails encrypted- fully automated.

With the RMail Gateway there are two options on how to encrypt your emails without any additional clicks.

Encrypt-all: Every email sent out will be encrypted. This ensures that sensitive data is never sent insecurely by mistake due to human error and can prevent your organisation from data breaches.

Encrypt by filter rules: Define trigger words in the email subject line or body that will automatically encrypt the message when clicking on the send-button. Depending on your preferences and the rules the email will be sent via TLS or end-to-end-encrypted.

Proof of compliance with the Registered Receipt.

When combining the RMail Gateway with regular RMail services you will be served with more benefits such as sending an email not only encrypted but also as an registered email providing track and trace information and evidence what was sent to whom by when using the Registered Receipt email after successful delivery. The receipt contains legally valid information regarding content, security level, time and delivery status and acts as compliance record under GDPR Article 5, clause 2.

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Powerful add-on: Send documents for signature out automatically.

Besides the option to send emails registered, with RMail Gateway in connection with RMail services you can also send out documents for electronic signature. If your email subject line contains e.g. “for signature”, when using the filter rules this email will be sent out for eSignOff automatically.

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Read our Datasheet for more technical background.