New Feature - RMail Recommends™

Automatic email encryption for more compliance.

Working securely from anywhere.

Businesses require for enterprise communications two key requirements – security and usability.

For example, strong encryption is only one aspect of a highly secure solution. Tools that offer a high degree of automation are also important, as they ensure that encryption is always applied, and the human factor is almost eliminated.

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Don't let your employees decide what is secure.

Business communications can be challenging for companies, especially when communications are nearly digital. IT staff must always train employees and ensure that sensitive and business-critical information does not fall into the wrong hands.

The new feature RMail Recommends enhances the existing functionality of RMail with automated recommendation option. For example, an email contains personally identifiable information. When the sender sends the message, a small pop-up window appears that "recommends" sending the email using the RMail encryption service.

For more compliance and security.

RMail Recommends™ feature does not rely on staff understanding and remembering.

The RMail Recommends™ service technology acts at the point of sending. It automatically highlights that the message should or must be encrypted, tracked for delivery, or sent for electronic signature.

Thanks to RMail Recommends, compliance is automatically enforced, and integrated user training is enabled.

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