RMail Success Story – Dentist Jens Lætgaard

Dentist, Denmark

“In the past I had to burn CT scans to CD-ROM, print individual covers, pack them into envelopes and send by regular mail. Today, I compress all the CT files in one zip file and send it with Frama RMail. It takes less than 2 minutes.”

Jens Lætgaard - Dentist, founder and CEO of Klinikproduktion.dk

Save time and human resources by optimizing administrative processes in a dental clinic.

Frama RMail's "LargeMail" feature allows to send file attachments such as CT scans up to 1 GB directly from the email program.

Benefits / Advantages

  • High time savings thanks to easy handling
  • Cost savings for postage and time
  • Integration into various email programs such as Microsoft Outlook (no additional software installation needed!)
  • Email encryption and tracking for secure and transparent transmission to the recipient


About Jens Lætgaard

Jens Lætgaard graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 1997. Graduated the Advanced Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of London in 2007. Runs today a referral practice in Roskilde, Denmark. Founder and CEO of Klinikproduktion.dk.

The Story

Jens Lætgaard has to send a lot of CT scans to referring dentists. In the "old days" this was a slow process. He had to burn the files to CD-ROM. He even had a special printer to print covers for a CD. Afterwards, he packed the CDs in an envelope and send it by regular mail. It was not so much the cost of sending a CD - but it was relatively time-consuming. Now he uses RMail instead. “Today, I compress the entire CT scan as one zip file and send it with RMail. It takes less than 2 minutes”, says Jens Lætgaard.

Jens Lætgaard had also considered using other file sharing services such as Dropbox or the like – but three arguments made him choose RMail.
On the one hand, Frama RMail does not charge any fees for additional gigabyte. On the other hand, Jens Lætgaard is already working successfully with Frama RMail and the product is not completely new for him and his employees. He sends confidential data such as invoices and estimates by email securely and encrypted with RMail to his patients. The whole thing happens directly in Outlook via the practical RMail add-in.

Recipients of Lætgaard's emails do not have to register for any service or download any software using RMail. They can even easily reply to messages in encrypted form. This is another important benefit for the dentist.
"It will confuse my recipients, colleagues, and patients if they need to sign up for different services to receive an email and the attachments", says Jens Lætgaard.

Co-Operation and Roll out

The introduction of Frama RMail at Jens Lætgaard's dental clinic was completed by Danastar within a very short time.

The high-quality of Danastar's personal service and support made Jens Lætgaard feel very comfortable throughout the entire implementation and beyond.

First Experiences

Jens Lætgaard does not only use Frama RMail for email encryption to send confidential and personal data. He also uses the integrated LargeMail function to transfer large file attachments via email easily and in seconds. His referrals have also welcomed the change. "I can tell the patients that they can go directly to their dentist because the CT scan will arrive in 5 minutes.”

In addition, the detailed documentation, the so-called Registered Receipt, with information about the receipt of the email by the recipient and the download of the file, makes him feel safe.

The Verdict

“Simply indispensable” is Jens Lætgaard resume. He is very pleased with Frama RMail and the job of Danastar. Anyone can use RMail and it takes only minutes to explain the service and features. In his clinic, everyone knows how RMail works and sends emails with it. That makes not only the dentist happy, but also his patients. “For me, RMail is an indispensable tool”, Jens Lætgaard says satisfied.