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RMail transforms: Proclaim integration with RMail enables law firms to send encrypted, tracked emails

The picture shows a woman using a tablet.
RSign Use Case: UK Recruitment firm Fortem People saves time & money, by accelerating their applicants document sign off process with Frama RSign
25. September 2019
Bild zeig mehrere Blätter mit medizinischen Daten. Dieses Bild steht symbolisch für die verschiedenen medizinischen Daten, welche das SMI dank RMail sicher übermittelt.
RMail Transforms: Medical Institute transmits sensitive documents securely and traceable
23. October 2019
To digitalise paper-based processes in the B2B and B2C environment, portal solutions are frequently used. The review of invoices, communication with operators, and so on, is done via these platforms. With the help of e-mail, many processes in the information exchange with customers could be simplified. E-mail is widely used and accepted. E-mail is therefore an obvious way of being considered in companies' digitalisation efforts. For this reason, we inform in our series "RMail transforms" about the various application areas of RMail supporting business transformation.

RMail is an add-in for Outlook and Gmail and offers new functions and extended possibilities for your optimisation of business processes.

Function 1: Proof of delivery

Similar to a registered letter, you can prove if and when the e-mail was delivered, including the sealing of its content. Typical applications include invoice delivery, product recalls, SLA services, and more.

Function 2: Encryption with secure reply

Secure email delivery with secure reply. Ideal for exchanging sensitive data with customers. "Secure Reply" enables secure communication with third parties without the need to install or download software. Enquiries from travel insurance companies at clinics, communication between tax consultant and client, expert opinion and much more can be quickly, easily and comprehensibly managed.

Function 3: Electronic signature

With just a few clicks, electronic documents are transformed into PDFs that can be electronically signed. No API or other expensive interface required. The spectrum of possibilities is unlimited and the potential almost endless. Whether rental contracts for equipment, declarations, confirmations, NDAs, orders, commissions and protocols - everything can be handled in seconds.

Latest news: Eclipse Legal Systems, has announced the integration of the leading e-mail encryption service RMail.

Proclaim, Eclipse's case management solution, integrates RMail functionality to provide law firms with a seamless way to send and track important emails to customers, partners and external contacts.

Our integration with RMail will enable even better data security for law firms and their clients. With information security becoming increasingly important, the ability to seamlessly send and receive encrypted emails will prove invaluable to firms when transmitting sensitive documents and data

Mick Thompson - Technical Director at Eclipse

RMail not only provides proof of delivery that confirms that the recipient has received and opened the e-mail, but it is also a legally admissible record that the e-mail was sent and received. Companies that are required by law to send encrypted e-mails can prove that they meet the legal requirements. Email recipients do not need RMail to receive an encrypted email and can even reply to the encrypted email in a secure encrypted portal.


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