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RMail Transforms: Medical Institute transmits sensitive documents securely and traceable

RMail Transforms: Law Firm
RMail transforms: Proclaim integration with RMail enables law firms to send encrypted, tracked emails
18. October 2019
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6. November 2019
The Social Medical Institute SMI Berlin shows how it works. RMail with "Secure Reply" replaces USB stick and courier and can therefore also offer a considerable added value in the healthcare sector.

Initial situation

The Institute for Social Medicine SMI Berlin prepares reports on medical facts for insurance companies, courts and other clients. The expert opinions determine, for example, an inability to work or the necessity of a rehabilitation measure.

It is obvious that data protection has top priority in such expert reports. Especially because the SMI cooperates with external writing agencies. In the past, the SMI hired couriers to transport the encrypted data on USB sticks. This was not only expensive, but also time-consuming and complicated.

The solution

Frama RMail was the ideal solution. RMail provides the team with an easy to use Outlook plug-in to send encrypted documents, as well as the confirmation that all information has been transmitted securely and traceable.

Each sent e-mail is followed by a proof of delivery. In case of doubt, the SMI can prove that the personal data of the data subject has been handled in compliance with the GDPR. In addition, thanks to the "LargeMail" function, large files such as x-rays can also be sent encrypted.

The cooperation with the external writing offices was enhanced by the RMail function "Secure Reply" and significantly simplified.

Info graphic for the "Secure Reply" function

Info graphic for the "Secure Reply" function

"RMail is simply integrated into Outlook as a plug-in. The encryption runs automatically, no employee has to deal with certificates. The only difference to normal e-mail handling is that there is now a second button for sending."

Dipl. med. Hans-Werner Pfeifer - Chief Doctor SMI

With RMail, the company was able to improve the following points:

  1. The company has stopped delivering documents via UBS sticks with couriers, as the proof of delivery from RMail can be used to verify the delivery.
  2. The simple operation of RMail makes it possible for every employee to send his or her data encrypted. Thanks to "Secure Reply", there is no security gap even when external partners are involved. Special features: The installation of certificates, software or registration for a download portal is not necessary.
  3. Increased efficiency thanks to the switch to a digital solution for encrypting e-mails.

Further information about RMail can be found here.


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