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Frama RMail Update: make security simpler with security automation

Fischernetz, in welchem Fische gefangen sind. Dies symbolisiert Phishing-Attacken.
Phishing & Whaling Attacks: How to protect yourself against it
20. November 2019
People who discuss documents together. To the left and to the right of them are laptops. This picture symbolizes the application of RMail in the wealth management sector.
London based wealth management firm Carrington Investments are sending secure & registered emails for e-signature with Frama RMail
12. December 2019
Over the past year's technology improved and helped us to make our daily life simpler. On the other hand, more laws have been introduced to protect data privacy. Therefore, data security is key for may companies. But how can you make security simpler? The answer is security automation.

AT&T Business declared in their trend report (full article here) cybersecurity automation as the number 1 tech topic in 2019. Also, Forrester Research (full article here) is placing security automation as a top trend in position 3. But what does security automation mean? Basically, it provides you more simplicity with security. Security automation can handle tasks from detection to response. Your team is relieved of routine tasks and can focus on more strategic, value-add projects.

Security automation and encryption

Since privacy regulations get stricter the companies became aware of the importance of encryption. For example, when sending personal sensitive information. According to RPost Inc. some customers are encrypting every outbound client email even if it's not necessary. The recipients often reach their limits if they need to use complicated software to read the encrypted message. Many encryption software require that the recipient needs to set up an account to read the encrypted email.

The acceptance of any encryption method being used therefore mainly depends on the recipient. If the recipient fails to open an encrypted message quite easily the sender will often be asked to send the message again unencrypted. With Frama RMail there's no need for the recipient to install any software or create an account. This makes your customers happy. Further good news: Thanks to the new Frama RMail Gateway you can simplify and speed up your security regulations and connected business processes by automation.

The benefits of Frama RMail Gateway

When sending an email, you must consider what you send to whom. Further also thinking about how sensitive the sent information is and if you should send it encrypted. With security automation, all these decisions are made automatically for you.

With Frama RMail Gateway you can set preferences in your system to automate your processes. For example:

  • If any sender in your company sends a message to a certain client, those messages will be encrypted automatically.
  • If they are sending an important notice like a disclosure, it may not need encryption but needs tracking and certified proof of delivery. Therefore, is automatically sent as a Registered Email.
  • If the message contains sensitive information like wire transfer instructions, it gets automatically transmitted in a manner that it remains encrypted even in the recipient inbox.
  • If the subject line says “please sign” it is sent automatically converted so that the recipient can electronically sign off.

Frama RMail Gateway automates all these decisions for you and therefore helps to speed up your business processes and still stay compliant. Sounds interesting? Click here to request more information.

This article was written in cooperation with RPost inc. Los Angeles. Read the original article here:


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