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London based wealth management firm Carrington Investments are sending secure & registered emails for e-signature with Frama RMail

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Frama RMail Update: make security simpler with security automation
27. November 2019
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5. February 2020
A simple way of sending secure, registered and encrypted email to clients with no requirements on the recipient's end? This was exactly what Carrington Investments looked for and found with Frama RMail.

Initial situation

The team at Carrington Investments not only needed a secure way of sending emails, but they also wanted to explore the opportunities that came with this change, including the possibility of utilising digital transformation for cost savings and efficiencies. However, most email security solutions were clunky and required the recipients to log in to portals, sign up for 3rd party cloud-based accounts and log in to read messages.

«In our industry, keeping data protected is paramount. […] We were impressed by how easy the system was to use, and how it integrated within Outlook. With Frama RMail we now send our emails encrypted and securely, ensuring that our client‘s personal data is protected whilst providing peace of mind. The Registered Email® functionality provides us with proof of content and delivery and being able to send documents for e-signature has certainly accelerated our document signing processes.»

Nicola Craxton - Operations Director

The solution

Frama RMail provided the team with not only a simple way to encrypt emails but also gave them a way of streamlining their business by accelerating the document signing processes using the inbuilt RMail e-signature facility. With RMail, they now also benefited from Registered Email, providing the company with a legal forensic auditable proof of content, delivery and a lawfully obtained information when emails were being opened.

Carrington Investments has implemented an easy to use, well-featured and forward-thinking solution to demonstrate compliance (GDPR Article 5 Clause 2) and to increase efficiency by replacing existing paper-based workflows, whilst also ensuring their client's information is kept secure.

Thanks to Frama RMail the company gained the following benefits:

  • Registered Receipt (Compliance Record) to prove email content, delivery and when opened
  • Auditable Proof of Compliance
  • E-Signature and document sealing capabilities for client satisfaction
  • Email encryption to ensure all client data is transmitted safe and secure for GDPR

Further information on RMail can be found here.


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