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RMail Use Case: Law firm John W Davies save £10,000 per annum by using RMail e-signature

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Product portfolio: e-Sign, RSign and RForms
21. August 2019
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RSign Use Case: UK Recruitment firm Fortem People saves time & money, by accelerating their applicants document sign off process with Frama RSign
25. September 2019
Cost savings are guaranteed with Frama RMail’s e-signature solution. Accelerate your document signing process whilst also improving the client engagement experience! This is what John W Davies did, and the results speak for themselves.

Initial situation

The team were sending documents for standard signature to clients, meaning that the recipients needed to print, sign and scan the documents in order to progress with their transaction. However, sending documents containing such personal information by email meant that they also needed a secure way to do this.

Providing our clients with a first class service is our priority. An important part of this revolves around ensuring data security, and the speed at which we perform. Frama RMail not only provides us with the ability to obtain electronic signatures (and save on average 5 working days of waiting time), we also have the additional benefits of end to end email encryption for GDPR.

Paul Kerslake – Legal Services Provider

The solution

Frama RMail seemed like the ideal solution. Not only did RMail provide the team with a unique Outlook plugin to send documents encrypted, but they could also attach documents for e-signature. Using the unique RForms functionality, RMail was able to attach the clients name, signature and date on the correct areas of their client agreement letters. RForms also had the solution to provide multiple signatures on the document from more than just one person.

In the conveyancing world, this is powerful, and has made a considerable difference to time management, project management and compliancy.

Through this solution the saving for John W Davies was achieved by the following:

  1. They have stopped sending items through special delivery/premium services, as RMail now provides them with proof of sending, recipient and security.
  2. Their cash flow has increased thanks to e-signatures. Having the documents back in to the firm quickly means that the money can be attained quicker and as a result cash flow has improved.

Further information on e-Sign and RMail can be found here.

Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts, Digital communication security specialist at Frama UK.

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