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RSign Use Case: UK Recruitment firm Fortem People saves time & money, by accelerating their applicants document sign off process with Frama RSign

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18. September 2019
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Cost and time savings are guaranteed with Frama RSigns enhanced document signing solution. The following use case reveals details of a typical use case. Fortem People implemented their document workflow signing process to speed up cash flow and provide their clients with a seamless user-friendly experience.

Initial situation

The team were sending documents via standard email to their clients and applicants. With no e-signature solution in place, the recipients were required to print, sign, scan and email / post back the agreements. This could sometimes take days, as the process was very manual.

Providing our clients with a first class service is paramount. Before Frama, we were sending our documents to applicants and clients, and waiting days for the signed agreement to come back to us. Now, we can send our documents through RSign, and our recipients can sign on any device, wherever they are in the world. A great tool for them, and for us!

Jane Vincent - Director

The solution

Frama RSign seemed like the ideal solution. Not only did RSign provide the team with the ability to create workflows and templates, but they also had the confidence that all information contained was being sent securely for compliance and integrity.

In the recruitment world, this is powerful, and has made a considerable difference to time management, project management and compliancy.

Thanks to RSign the company was able to achieve the following:

  1. Increased efficiency by replacing existing paper based workflows.
  2. The time saving has allowed the team to be able to send applicants in to new job roles much quicker.
  3. Their cash flow has increased thanks to e-signatures. Having the documents back in to the firm quickly means that the money can be attained quicker and as a result cash flow has improved.

Further information on RSign can be found here.

Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts, Digital communication security specialist at Frama UK.

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