RMail Erfahrungsbericht – Bell & Buxton Solicitors

Sheffield - United Kingdom

“Love RMail! Not only does it ensure a much safer platform to send information via email the delivery and read receipts are an invaluable tool. No more “sorry your email must have gone into spam”! Mike is also great to work with and makes installation easy ... if I can use it anyone can!”

Emma Digby - Partner

“We have recently started using RMail and are very pleased with it. Some of the attractions for us were the ability to send encrypted emails (which we use for sending bank details to other Firms of Solicitors), the receipt timings (which we use in litigation, to avoid having to send hard copies through the post) and the ability to send large items (which we are using to avoid sending lever arch files of Instructions to Counsel, thus reducing copying time and charges). In addition, we are getting to grips with the e-signature aspect, which has significant potential for our commercial and property departments.”

Alex Ross - Partner

Introduction of secure email solution to be compliant with GDPR and provide secure transmission of sensitive client information as well as an e-signature platform.

RMail solution made up of Encryption with Auto-TLS, Registered Receipts and e-signature.

Benefits / Advantages

  • Simple and straightforward implementation
  • Registered Receipt (Compliance Record) to demonstrate compliance
  • Auditable Proof of Compliance
  • Efficiency improvements through e-Substitution
  • Increased efficiency of client contract acceptance


About Bell & Buxton Solicitors

Bell & Buxton’s experts are available to handle individual client enquiries whether of a business or personal nature, so they can help quickly solve legal problems or protect from future legal risks.
Their focus is on providing a quality service and they are committed to maintaining a close personal relationship with their clients to ensure their service remains of on-going value.

The Story

The partners met with Frama and were keen to understand how they could send emails securely for GDPR, whilst also maintaining ease of use and simplicity for both sender and recipient.

They also wanted to be able to provide a very simple way for their clients to send emails back in a secure manner.

Being safe with their clients data protection was the top priority, and they understood that a data protection breach can not only damage their clients reputation, but also that of the firm.

Co-operation and Roll Out

Frama UK carried an initial consultation to the partners at Bell & Buxton. This was used to understand the pain points enabling Frama to provide a tailored solution.

The conveyancing team now use the e-signature function of RMail, which has been a big time and money saver for the firm.

First Experiances

Within a few days of getting the go ahead, the solution was installed for every team member.

All of the team are extremely pleased with the install and set up process. Each team member were given a one to one training session.

The Verdict

By utilising the registered legal proof receipt, the team at Bell & Buxton now have full exposure of what was sent, when it was sent, when their emails had been opened and proof that they were being compliant.

A valuable asset to not only the firm, but also their clients!

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