RMail Erfahrungsbericht – Hudgell Solicitors

Hudgell Solicitors - Leeds / Hull / London

“Data protection changes in 2018 meant that we needed a solution to email our clients securely. Portals and awkward passwords were not an option for us. Once Mike showed us RMail, we saw a solution that both fee-earners and clients could use easily. Perfect!”

Nigel Stott - Head of IT

Introduction of a solution for the secure, digital exchange, e-signature and transmisson of private data of clients, including auditable proof of compliance.

Frama RMail including encryption, legal proof of compliance, proof of content / time, e-signature and secure file transfer.

Benefits / Advantages

  • Simple and straightforward implementation
  • Registered receipt (compliance record) to demonstrate compliance
  • Auditable proof of compliance
  • Efficiency improvements through e-substitution
  • Enhanced protection against cybercrime (CEO fraud)


About Hudgell Solicitors

Hudgell Solicitors are a specialist law firm, dealing with medical negligence, personal injury, catastrophic injuries, road traffic accidents and much more.
Hudgell Solicitors have won industry recognition for its achievements across the claims sector as it has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Personal Injury Awards 2018.
Established for over 20 years, Hudgells highly experienced solicitors across London, Hull and Leeds provide first class legal advice and support.

The Story

The introduction of GDPR meant that Hudgell Solicitors needed to find a secure way of emailing their clients, one which was not going to require more work on the recipients side.
Client confidentiality was a key factor within this project and head of IT, Nigel Stott was keen to ensure that the information was not only secure, but also easy for the 100+ team.
Nigel selected Frama RMail due to it‘s powerful features, one click email encryption, large file transfer and the power of the legal registered receipt.

Co-operation and Roll Out

Mike Roberts - RMail specialist for Frama UK, worked closely with Nigel and within days, the entire team were up and running. After a few IT discussions, they were sending encrypted emails as simple as standard emails. The roll-out was fast and the training was done by Mike with the whole team.

First Experiances

The roll-out experience was excellent. The positive user feedback and the overall performance and availability was rated excellent. Internal data protection audits gave green light for the RMail solution to demonstrate compliance under GDPR.

The Verdict

Whilst it may be easy to adopt a secure email portal solution, Nigel Stott was adamant that he needed to not only make it easy for his team, but also for the recipients.
Now, the clients of Hudgell Solicitors can receive emails as easy as standard emails, with password protection added where required.
Through the expertise of Nigel and his IT skills, and the training by Mike Roberts, RMail specialist at Frama UK, secure emails are now being sent directly from Hudgells case management system.
An automated way of delivering registered, secure, encrypted email was the ideal outcome, and is now being adopted across the firm.

Read more about Hudgell Solocitors here hudgellsolicitors.co.uk