RMail Erfahrungsbericht – Phoenix Wealth Management

London, United Kingdom

“After the introduction of GDPR, we wanted to ensure that we had a suitable way of emailing our clients. After looking at many different solutions, we found Frama RMail perfect. It provided a range of functionality, including end to end encryption of emails & e-signature, without the downside of portal based systems that require us to move away from our existing systems and place an additional burden on our clients.”

Andrew Shaw - Director

Introduction of a user friendly solution for the secure transmisson of client data including auditable proof of compliance.

Frama RMail including encryption, legal proof of compliance, proof of content / time, e-signature and secure file transfer.

Benefits / Advantages

  • Simple and straightforward implementation
  • Registered Receipt (Compliance Record) to demonstrate compliance
  • Auditable Proof of Compliance
  • Efficiency improvements through e-Substitution
  • Enhanced protection against cybercrime (CEO Fraud)


About Phoenix Wealth Management

Phoenix Wealth Management Limited (PWM) is a private client practice founded on the principle of providing a truly bespoke service for individuals for whom excellence is a pre-requisite.
They provide a holistic financial planning and wealth management service, developing long term relationships with their clients and advising on all of their financial needs.
The firm is truly independent with no external shareholders, which allows them to access a full range of financial planning solutions, with in-house experts in core areas such as pension & investment planning as well as estate planning, long term care planning, cashflow and retirement income modelling.

The Story

The introduction of GDPR, meant that PWM needed to find a secure way of emailing their clients, one which was not going to require more work on the recipients‘ side.
The firm selected Frama RMail as the solution for its email encryption. With its built-in encryption scenarios, RMail made it easy for both the team at PWM, as well as their clients. With no portals, logins, or sign ups, the TLS / Auto PDF encryption model was ideal for them.

Co-operation and Roll Out

Mike Roberts, RMail specialist for Frama UK, co-ordinated the first analysis summarising the main requirements for PWM: encryption of private data, with an auditable proof of compliance with GDPR.
PWM were shown a live demo of the system and, after researching a number of options available in the market place, decided that Mail was by far the best system for them. Within a short time of making that decision, the software was installed and, after some IT work to configure the system to suit PWM‘s needs, they were sending encrypted emails as simple as standard emails. The roll-out was fast and the training was done virtually with them.

First Experiances

As PWM had hoped, the implementation of the system has been seamless, with no learning curve for the team as RMail integrates with their existing platforms. PWM‘s management are happy because they have had no real downtime linked to training and now have a system that provides proof of compliance with GDPR.

Client feedback has been universally positive as they know their data is being moved securely and the secure reply function allows them to send data to PWM just as securely.
Finally, as cybercrime is focusing more and more on users of computer systems, RMail offers with its Anti-Whaling imposter protection an additional layer of security warning users with a pop-up to be careful and to verify the sender and the content using the good old telephone should the email be suspicious.

The Verdict

It is easy to encrypt an email, but it is difficult to provide a system that is widely accepted by all involved parties and, at the same time, demonstrates compliance under GDPR.

This is where Frama RMail performs!

PWM have implemented an easy to use, highly functional and forward thinking solution to demonstrate compliance and to increase efficiency within the firm.